Free Fire Mod Apk Download – Unlimited Diamonds and coins 2021

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk: These days, games with multiplayer options are becoming more popular because you can play these games and compete with players from different parts of the world. There are numerous games that are available on PC and console a platform in which you can play multiplayer mode with your friends and colleagues as well. Gaming industry from all over the world is growing in a jet like speed and then mobile games are emerging and improving so rapidly with millions of users.

Every game lover loves to play multiplayer games with other gamers and now there are many multiplayer games available on internet game market to play from the people all around the world. Some people prefer FPS games and some of us like love to play TPP mode in multiplayer games. TPP stands for first person prospective and the TPP games are real and enjoyable games.

What is Free Fire Mod APK

free fire mod apk download

Garena Free Fire Apk is the latest sensation in the gaming world with most popular multiplayers so called naming as shooter survival game. This game was truly inspired by PUBG Battlefield. As everybody knew that it is the best and successful alternative of PUBG game for android and iOS users. There are lot of players in millions who play this game very actively.

In this Free Fire Mod Apk, You can get unlimited diamond and coins. You will land on unknown island with other 49 players along with you and you must land on a safe place. Immediately landing on the safe place you must find a gun. After that, you need to kill every opposition or enemy player to survive till end. Who kills the enemies most will be treated as the best game player for that game?

In multiplayer games the game play will be challenging and play against your friends and other players around the world would be most attractive thing. Shooting the enemies with best game play and surviving till the game end is another task loving for all the game players. Everyone wants to win the game particularly. Games are the most played and liked games in multiplayer mode. There are so many places mentioned in the map to go in the map and you can find weapons everywhere during game play.

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk – Game Play

Grounds, Swimming pools, forest etc are the many places which you find in the maps. Based on the maps you can select your own place as your safe place to kill the game plays. Get down from the parachute and kill the rest of the enemies to win the game. This game is completely a multiplayer game so you must be having a strong internet connection to play this game.

This is a game play of totally 10-minute survival game on an island. You must survive 10 minutes along with other teammates. Drive vehicles and can explore the whole map and find the locations. You can hide behind the buildings, numerous bushes, behind the trees and can attack on the enemy to kill silently. You can also play this game with your game play friends and you can add up to 3 friends as your squad.

Here You can also play with unknown players by adding them in your squad by searching online and can play together with whole match. You can be able to see the players all around the world. Another feature can be voice chat in the game which is the best feature of surviving game. Voice chat during the battle will give the best war feelings and you can share your enemy killing strategies with your friends to kill the enemies. The controls of the game are also very simple, and you can even customize the controls according to your need.

Free Fire Mod APK Features

  • Unlimited Health: You don’t need to worry about your health if enemies attack you. In this mod version you can gain unlimited health if still your enemy attacks you. You can survive for long time.
  • All Characters Unlocked: All characters in the Free fire game will be unlocked if you use mod apk. By this you can select your character from the list and enjoy playing.
  • No fog:  Fog will be the problem when we are in a game. Usually fog will bring little tense where we cannot find the enemy soon. But No fog zone will be available in the Mod Apk Free fire. You can play hassle free game even in Night play.
  • No Grass: Grass on the land will be problem sometimes. But in the Mod apk you can opt for No Grass. So that you and your player can easily move towards from one area together and target its enemies.
  • Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds Coins/ Free Fire Diamonds: One of the amazing features to players is it also provide you free fire diamonds unlimited amount of coins. In the official free fire apk you need to buy coins for an amount. Here there is no coin limit.  
  • Character Customization: You can customize your character for free. Free Fire Mods apk will give you an option of character customization which you can avail for free unlike free fire apk.

Additional Features of Free Fire Mod APK

1. Survival Shooter

This game is very great and fun mode game to play. Search for weapons after immediate landing to protect yourself from your enemies and guide your squad. Stay into the play zone play safe game play. You need to become the final battler standing to win the game completely. Additionally, you can also get special guns and bulletproof vests as a reward.

2. Marathon Gameplay

In Garena Free Fire game, you must be playing a match of 10-minute with other 49 players on the battle ground. You can search for weapons, drive vehicles to reach another safe place, and explore the whole map. Garena Free Fire provides epic game play to its players.

3. 4-Man Squad

You can play this game along with team squad in the game to have your back save. 4-man squad is said to be a great feature to play with your friends. You can make customization of selecting the squad. You can add your friends as a squad, or you can use other online players from different places to be a squad.

4. In-game Voice Chat

Garena Free Fire features the best and challenging feature which is in-game voice chat while playing the game. You can do voice chat with your friends who are in your team and other players from your team as well can share your strategy which gives real war feelings during game play.

  • 3D Graphics

The graphics of Free Fire are so stunning and realistic and can attract users to play game for a very long time. Coming to the visual effects, those are amazing and sound effects are so real which can bring you natural feel of battle.

6. Technical issues fixed.

The game gets the regular and frequent updates by the developer and there is not any kind of bug or issue in this game as per latest updated application version. All the bugs and glitches are completely fixed within the game in the latest version released.

How to Download and Install Garena Free Fire Mod APK

  • To download and install Garena Free Fire Mod Apk to your android device then you must go to the settings option in your android device.
  • Now scroll down or search for the security settings and then “Enable” the option Unknown Resources from the listed menu.
  • Download. OBB File and Free Fire Mod APK from the below links provided.
  • After downloading both applications, click on Garena Free Fire Apk initially and tap on install button but remember, do not launch the game after installing.
  • Now go to .OBB file folder, extract it with the WinRAR app (used to unzip the zip formatted files) and afterward copy the extracted folder and paste in Android/.OBB here.
  • Done! Now you can play Garena Free Fire Modded game in your device.


Here, as a result we concluded on Free Fire Mod APK download and installation. I have mentioned all the features of free fire mod apk. You must be understanding the difference between the official version and mod apk. I suggest and recommend every gamer to use this application to unlock many features that are not initially come with the official version. Unlimited health is the most attractive feature where users are getting highly attracted to this mod version. Please share this information with your friends who want to know about Free Fire apk Mod. If you found any difficulties while downloading, installation and using this application, please post them in the below comment box.

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